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2017 © Canadian Lumber LTD.

Halifax, NS, Canada

B3K 5A5

Canadian Owned, Canadian Operated, World Class Quality


With the highest consumption rate per capita, Canadians have been on the front lines of cannabis for a number of years. The decriminalization and legalization of cannabis in Canada have allowed Canadians to become leaders in a booming new industry.

Leading the charge in the industry, we were shocked to discover the lack of a strong Canadian rolling paper. We dove deeper analyzing the rolling paper market and realized that there are few regulations on rolling papers. Our mission became clear. To create a Canadian rolling paper that would set the industry standards for health and quality.



Canadian Lumber makes decisions that ensure that the products are of the highest craftsmanship, durability, and cleanliness.


Canadian Lumber will actively engage with everyone in the industry, community, and environment. Canadian Lumber will foster these connections through consistent communication.


Canadian Lumber is accepting of all people, views, and cultures. We respect and crave feedback that will allow us to create better products, be a better partner and be a valuable member of our industry and community.


We recognize that our actions, our products, and our standards must live up to the continuous improvement of our community and our industry.

Here are the results:



There are few regulations rolling papers must follow. As a result, you have rolling papers on the market with chalk, asbestos, bleach and a slew of other chemicals. This doesn't sit well with us at Canadian Lumber. So we are leading by example and setting a new standard for the industry. When we say all natural we mean it.


We have acquired the TUV SUD certification. This is the EU standard for product testing and certification. We’ve done this because this tests our products ‘pureness’ according to the EU Product Standards. We got a clean bill of health. 100% pure and all natural.


We also wanted to have a Canadian lab as a third party test and verify our products. So to be sure that there are no harmful allergens or toxins each type of paper was taken to the University of Guelph where the papers underwent 18 tests. This was to ensure that there was no cross contamination in manufacturing or packaging.

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