setting a standard for quality in an unregulated 


Canadian Values 

As Canadians, we want to ensure Canadian Lumber products not only represent Canada's values but lead by example for the rest of the industry.

Third-party tests from Guelph University ensures that Canadian Lumber rolling papers are allergen-free. 

Published results keep us honest. Download here:

Our Backyard

Nova Scotia is our backyard but we like to think that Canada is one big neighbourhood. We are proud of our East Coast home, from its rolling hills and ocean views to the crisp Annapolis Valley apples.

Complemented by the neighbour's large forests, towering mountains, and vast fields and so much more it is easy to see why our neighbourhood is the best!  


OUR neighbour-hood...




We LOVE our Distributors and Retailers and hope to foster these relationships with the various resources and programs available.

Canadian Lumber is ALWAYS looking for more distributors and retailers.


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