Setting the new standard for rolling paper companies around the world.


WE ARE CANADIAN. Born and bred the grassroots communities we live in. We believe in people-focused: design, product development, and business. That's why we have created a product

for the mindful smoker.

Unrefined. unbleached.

all-natural gum.

Canadian Lumber has created three completely different rolling papers. Each with unique characteristics these papers are 100% natural. We keep our papers unrefined to leave the plant fibres intact. We also use an Arabic Gum seal which is again 100% natural.

Certified And Tested product. 

We at Canadian Lumber believe you shouldn't have to put your self at risk to consume. So our products are not only internationally certified but we had them tested in Canada at Guelph university. With +18 tests performed on each paper type, we are confident in our quality.

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Pre-Rolled CONES 

Partnering with other Canadian companies is something we take pride in. We choose our partners wisely to make sure we are set up for a healthy relationship. 



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