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Log 006: Ontario's Retail Stores are on a Roll

With one of the lowest amount of retail stores and the highest population, Ontario is struggling to provide appropriate access to many individuals seeking cannabis products. With roughly 24 stores open at the begging of February there have been numerous store openings.

Superette - Ottawa


Tokyo Smoke opened a new location in Ottawa along with a retail store called One Plant which opened Today! There is also a Hobo that looks very close to opening in the Byward Market with Meta Cannabis in the early stages. Superette was the last to announce their second location along with some others in a nearby city!

This is the new One Plant that opened today in Ottawa!


Superette announced 2 new locations to come to Toronto this spring totaling to 4 locations for summer 2020.

One Plant has a store opening in the Kensington market in April.

Tokyo Smoke also has some more locations coming soon in Toronto, in fact, they have announced up to 10 in ON.

Meta Growth has also made some big moves and will be focused on quickly expanding in Ontario with a store already open in Toronto. (It's their grand opening today!)

Waterloo will also be receiving it's first cannabis stores...finally. Along with many others to follow! What is your favourite Cannabis Retail store and why?

Let us know! Is convenience the majour key🔑?

Happy Rolling,

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