• Zach Fraser

Log 007: Canadian Lumber more than doubles Instagram following in one week.

What a week for Canadian Lumber's Instagram account!! We started around 3,200 followers and we are closing the week with over 9,700 all thanks to a giveaway we became apart of because of a collaboration we did with another small influencer. Here is the story:

Since the begging Canadian Lumber has looked to support influencers, reviewers, and artists from all over mostly with in-kind products. We ranged from musicians, reviewers like @vapethebud, photographers like @shotsbymicheal and @dabdaddie, and more.

A few months ago we stumbled upon an artist by the name of Lloyd (@rapolean_dynamite). Lloyd creates amazing scenes with figurines and cannabis accessories and goods. We started communicating via Instagram DMs and decided to put together a collab. We sent him products at roughly the end of November. Between Canadian Lumber going to some major tradeshows, Christmas, and Lloyd himself being a busy man the posts did not end up happening until late January.

Lloyd's post was of Seth Rogan and Tommy Chong, an extremely popular cannabis advocate. Tags and comments later a representative from Cheech and Chongs Instagram account send us a message. We do some introductions and settle on sending some products for Cheech and Chong to have, test, and think about a collaboration down the road. Chech and Chong have 2million followers on their Instagram account along with associated accounts that have similar stats. We were ecstatic to have our foot in the door with them!

A few days later I get an iMessage from another representative from Tommy Chong's page at 11.30 pm. It's an offer to join a giveaway put on by Tommy Chongs Instagram page to fly and meet Tommy in Hollywood. This offer was our largest investment in social to date. We scrambled to get information on the giveaway event and committed not an hour later.

The rest was magic. After the post on Wednesday at Noon pst. we gained 2k followers in 4 hours. All thanks to the connection through consistent effort in supporting the independents and hustlers working to build a life with work and play.

With our new found following we promise to produce high-quality, engaging content. We will work harder to tell our story and document our journey to becoming not just Canada's #1 all-natural rolling paper but the worlds.

Roll Happy,

Canadian Lumber

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