• Zach Fraser

Log 003: Log Rolling at Lift&Co Vancouver 2020

Updated: May 12

What a city! Vancouver is incredible and as proud Canadians, we love to take in the majestic scenery that our beautiful nation has to offer. The quiet mountains rushing down to the crashing ocean with one of the largest cities in Canada squished in between.

Lift&Co events are some of the largest cannabis conventions in the world. With the largest companies in Canada always purchasing massive amounts of space to put up their intricately designed booths. You see a huge array of people from big players in the corporate world, influencers, grassroots activists, home growers, distributors of everything related to cannabis, and random agencies for everything you can imagine. It is always a challenge to keep your focus and to meet your goals & targets and this year we did just that.

We not only met many of the goals we had set for our selves in sales but also met key decision-makers and started new relationships. Most of these new relationships came as a surprise for us which is amazing! Canadian Lumber had more people coming up and recognizing the brand, and being keen on learning more.

"We just wanted to take a moment and thank everyone we met at LiftVan 2020. It was amazing to meet new business partners & new to us retailers. We are also so thankful and appreciative of all the support we have gotten so far from the retailers that have been carrying us. It was amazing to meet some of you and get a chance to learn about your shops. We have been working hard to provide you with quality products that we truly believe in and are excited about the near future." – Founder, Beau Cleeton

Some of the amazing people we were able to meet while at Lift&Co Vancouver 2020:

@MatchstickMarijuana is someone we have been talking with for a bit. We are SUPER excited to do some larger activations, giveaways, and promotions with Cobb. We look forward to letting you in on all the details soon...#Backroll

Meeting @Weeed_Ja was a total surprise! We told her to come swing by the booth like 1000 other humans on Instagram and she did! Jynx was hilarious! She got along with our whole gang and we got to learn all about her story and plans for her new Instagram page! We are super excited to watch her grow and also do some promotions and giveaways!

One of the best parts of the Lift&Co Expo is the chance to interact with you all. Learning about where you purchase your products, how you consume, what your preferences are, and getting to know any issues or questions you have. This is what helps Canadian Lumber give you the best products, and allows us to learn how to make sure they are accessible to you.

Canadian Lumber is super keen on getting in breaking the Convenience and Gas market next so if you are in a convenience or gas store make sure to ask for Canadian Lumber! In fact the more you ask for Canadian Lumber at your location the quicker we will be able to get the product in the store.

Happy Rolling,

Zach - Canadian Lumber

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