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Log 001: Canadian Lumber in 2 years: 3 big relationships, 4 Canadians, and 5+ countries.

Updated: May 12

Canadian Lumber started two years ago this month. Canadian Lumber ltd. was registered as a company in 2017 with the goal of becoming Canada's favourite rolling paper. We have completed testing at Guelph University, established our foothold in the market, and are working towards spreading the Canadian Lumber brand and story all over the world.

Here is a summary of our adventure over the past two years.

As consumers ourselves and apart of the culture we had become friends with some of the local shops which were the key to our quick growth. Huge shout out to Mary Janes Smoke Shop one of the first shops in Atlantic Canada for smoking accessories, and the first to push our product. From there Canadian Lumber was able to get some smaller orders from distributors such as KDK and Big Dog Solutions to supply the local headshops. After a trade show in Calgary, we had been introduced to BOB HQ and Humble+Fume, two larger distributors in Canada which was an amazing end to our first year.

Once Humble+Fume jumped aboard we had a huge push.

We entered hundreds of stores across Canada and getting ready for legal dispensaries to start opening. With some provinces handling their own distribution and sale of cannabis, we saw this as an amazing time to get exclusive contracts with essential retailers. Humble+Fume was successful in assisting Canadian Lumber becoming the exclusive rolling paper in NSLC and PEI cannabis stores. With the other provinces also starting picking up Canadian Lumber rolling papers the brand was spreading across the nation.

Ontario Cannabis Store(OCS) was a huge target for Canadian Lumber. We wanted to be the only rolling paper in the OCS and it was looking like it was lining up perfectly. With few months to go, we ordered expecting the OCS to jump on board with the other Atlantic Provinces.

As all remember, this decision was turned with a change in the provincial government and the government distribution model was thrown out the window for the private one. This was great for the industry but had ended up being a huge pain for us as we had invested in a plan with the OCS being the sole supplier of cannabis. However, this leads the way for many amazing retail stores we are proud to be carried in today that are pushing the industry forward.

After a big upset for us in Ontario, it was now a large job for our Canadian Distributors to approach the new independent stores popping up. With a strong relationship building between Humble+Fume and Canadian Lumber we felt we had a solid foot in the Canadian market with them at our side. While supporting Humble+Fume through our adventure of exploring the rest of Canada we knew it was soon time to look south. In 2018 we ventured south of the border and ended up in Las Vegas attending our first American trade show, CHAMPS Las Vegas, it was a scene! We went just with papers in our hands and hope in our hearts. Walking around the trade show floor in shock at all the industry had to offer we approached numerous distributors. We had talked to numerous distributors before finally, we found T00Bs.

A distributor that had a small team and was on the come-up, just like us. Based in Southern California, they took us on and helped us start pushing our product across the United States! This was the start of an amazing relationship that has been through two trade shows already! They have helped Canadian Lumber get into over 150 stores across the United States and as far as Australia and Japan!!

Really, all of this couldn't have been possible without you. Consumers who care about the products they use, and want to support Canadian companies that hold Canadian values in this new industry. You have given us so much love and support we couldn't be thankful enough! We will be doing a giving away this week so make sure to follow our social channels. Follow along with @cdnlumber on any platforms for a chance to win!

We have been working hard over the past few months building our team, and going after some large new retail locations that we are ecstatic to tell you about! We have some amazing new retail locations and more big surprises in 2020 to tell you about so stay tuned!

Huge shout out to many of our friends that we wouldn't be here without!

Happy Rolling, Canadian Lumber

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