• Zach Fraser

Log 002: The 1 1/4's secret feature...

Updated: May 12

This week we had the great opportunity to speak to Cannabis NB and NSLC at some of their educational events for staff. Big shout out to some of the Accessories Gurus at Cannabis NB! It was great meeting all of you!

While there we talked about the Canadian Lumber 1 1/4's built-in feature that we have advertised but hasn't seem to catch on. Cannabis NB and NSLC employees were shook. "HOW COULD WE NOT HAVE KNOWN?!"

All Canadian Lumber 1 1/4 all natural rolling papers have a built-in reversible tray!

This is known as an artisan pack from other brands and most often comes with an elastic or magnet clasp, but forget that garbage, literally, you can't recycle it. The fold lines and your pure strength is enough to keep this tray together. Here is Canadian Lumber's IGTV for clear instruction on folding your pack of all natural Canadian Lumber rolling papers.

Happy Rolling,

Canadian Lumber

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