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Papers for your Thoughts! (Free rolling papers!!!)

Photo by: Sean McMullen @seandmcmullen

At Canadian Lumber care about you, the consumer and we want to create more quality products and content for you and make them accessible to you, but we need your help! (form link) Tell us what you want, and how you want it so we can deliver you cannabis accessories that enhance your consumption experience. Help Canadian Lumber become the go-to rolling paper brand as well as a leader in the industry.

"We care about this industry and want to help facilitate products that the consumers want and avoid a market flooded with products with poor value and practices" – Beau Cleeton, Founder Canadian Lumber

Here is a link to the form, answer all the questions for free papers !!

If you have questions comments or concern please let us know we are more than happy to talk further. Reach out to

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All the best, Canadian Lumber

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