Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canadian Lumber has released the all Canadian Variety 6-pack of unrefined rolling papers. With each of the three different types of Canadian Lumber rolling papers The Greens, The Woods, and The Hippy you are able to experience all three unique pulp blends.


The Woods are unrefined all-natural wood pulp. For the smoker who enjoys a thin but yet durable paper, The Woods offer an all-natural brown colour paired with a thin yet durable paper.


The Greens are all-natural unrefined hemp. The unrefined hemp fibres remain intact and are extremely clear in this paper; absorbing moisture, slowing the burn, and keeping the paper rigid.


The Hippys are a combination of the all-natural flax and hemp. This pulp creates a paper similar to a rice rolling paper. The Hippys are soft to the touch while having a slight texture that increases the ease of rolling.


All of the Canadian Lumber rolling papers are all natural even the seal is made from 100% Arabic Gum sourced from a conflict-free trade company in Africa.

6 Pack - 1.25 w/ Tips

  • 2 packs of each type
  • Built-in tips
  • Reversible tray package 
  • Arabic Gum seal (all-natural)
  • Bleach and dye free


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