CHAMPS Las Vegas  |  Feb 25-28th

Canadian Lumber will be headed to CHAMPS tradeshow down in the United States. This is probably the largest smoking accessories tradeshow in North America. With major brands, distributors, and influencers all being in attendance this will be where all the new products of 2020 will be displayed. 


We are excited to be meeting up with our good friends from Toobs Distribution and ask how their recent expansion into a new warehouse went. We will also be talking to some more distributors as well hope to meet some U.S. retailers that carry our products and new potential retailers! 

Let us know if you will be attending the event or are in the area; we are more than happy to take some time to talk!

CARWACS Toronto  |  March 3-4th

As Canadian Lumber has recently achieved some distribution in the gas and convenience market a tradeshow that was dedicated to the market seemed appropriate. CARWACs is filled with the major retailers and products in both big chain gas and convenience as well as independents. 

With a strong start in the Atlantic Canadian market, +150 stores and growing daily and consistent distribution, we are excited about approaching the Ontario market. 

If you are interested in connecting at this event or in the Toronto Area during the time please reach out we are more than happy to take time to talk! 

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AATAC San Fransisco  |  April 28-29th

Following the growth in the Canadian convenience market, we thought it appropriate to approach the United States convenience market.  With our eyes set on independents, we hope to build a relationship with a strong retailer and offer them a unique and profitable product in a bland product category. 

If any gas or convenience retailers in the area are interested in this opportunity please reach out and let us know we would be happy to talk about any opportunities!

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